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Herbert Macaulay - Guest

  • 25th September 2018 06:44:48 PM
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  1. Herbert Macaulay
  2. November 1864 – May 1946
  4. Olayinka Herbert Samuel Heelas Badmus is the grandson of Samuel Ajayi Crowther, the first African bishop of the Niger Territory who returned to Nigeria after being sold to slave merchants. Herbert was a nationalist, politician, engineer, architect, journalist, and musician and is considered by many Nigerians as the founder of Nigerian nationalism. Macaulay was a strong opponent of British rule in Nigeria. In 1919, he argued successfully for the chiefs whose land had been taken by the British in front of the Privy Council in London and as a result, the colonial government was forced to pay compensation to the chiefs. This made the British Council mad at Macaulay and jailed him twice. Macaulay became very popular and on 24 June 1923, when he founded the Nigerian National Democratic Party (NNDP), the first Nigerian political party. He later died in 1946 and was the face of the defunct ₦1 note.

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